My name is Riria Niimura. Today I am sharing my magical prom story.

I moved to LA 2 years ago from Japan. The fact I could attend the prom 2014 was one big unbelievable fortune.

Ever since I was 3 years old, I was dreaming to go to prom with this perfect boy and my original dream has always been to become a fashion designer. However, unfortunately, because of a huge difference of tradition, we don't have prom in Japan...

Since I met Alexandre at the music school I attended last year, we had a planned on wearing something "EPIC" to the prom, because we love DIY-ing and surprising people with our creations!

It took half a year for us to make our EPIC prom costume.

We bought sports pads at sports chalet and spray painted them to create a cyber theme. We DIY-ed the corsages with paper, CDs, toy soldiers and ribbons.

For make up, I designed with my own imagination an "Alien" look. As we expected, we got an enormous cheer from the class when we stepped in to the prom! Yay, mission completed!

Here is the concept story (to explain the theme).


Once upon a time, there was an little alien girl (Riria) who was dreaming to go to a prom just like every girl on the earth…

Now, she met her perfect human boy (Alexandre!) who is taking her to the prom!!!!