I started looking locally and everything seemed really basic, and that is the opposite of what I was going for. I also did not want to risk wearing the same dress as someone in this small town! After searching locally for a few days I asked my mother if we could go to Birmingham and visit stores there. Birmingham is only about a hour and a half away, so that was not that big of a deal. Once my mom said yes, I went on a prom dress store raid online and made a long list of prom dress stores close to each other in the Birmingham area. I probably had ten different stores on my list and I was determined to get to every one!

We finally set a date and made our trip to Birmingham. I had very high expectations as I pulled up to every store, only to leave let down. The searching soon became very frustrating because no stores had what I was looking for. Most stores just had basic colored dresses and the dresses that were my taste were all above my price range! I could have easily just settled for a dress from one of the stores I visited, but I was determined to find the perfect dress. We made out trip back home kind of disappointed, but I had one more idea that I wanted to try!

Once I got home I had the idea that I would make another list, except this time I would be going to Georgia! I made my list of stores and asked my mother and she said yes (I probably have the worlds greatest mother, right?). We set a date and headed to Georgia. While I was in Georgia I saw some amazing dresses that were all out of my price range! If it was not one thing it was another. I even went to the “Say Yes to the Dress” store in Atlanta where I thought I would be saying YES to a dress, but I found nothing. We made yet another hopeless trip home. Through all the failures and about twenty stores I still did not give up hope.

When I got home that day I thought about another alternative that I had never really considered: online dress shops. I was always told not to get your dress online because it might not make it in time and you need time for alterations and stuff, but at this point I wanted to take a chance. I got online and found a website called promgirl.com, and I became very interested. First I checked how long shipping would take and once I saw that it was only four days I was determined to find my dress on this site. The cool thing about online dress shopping is that you can shop by your price range so that you would not fall in love with something that you can not have. After scrolling through many dresses I found the perfect dress at the perfect price! I told my mom about it and we measured me and ordered the dress with our fingers crossed. I have a YouTube channel where I make videos and I planned to do a small review and unboxing once I got the package.

Four days went by, and my mom brought home a PromGirl box. I was very excited and hesitant to open it, but I turned on my camera and started filming my unboxing! The dress was everything that I could ask for and then some. It looked even better in person! I turned the camera off after the review and I ran to try it on. The dress fit beautifully and needed no alterations. After that, I edited my video and posted it online. What I thought was going to be a small helpful review turned into a video with 40,000+ views! It brought me many new subscribers and even an upcoming opportunity to work with PromGirl during next homecoming season! I am currently working with www.promdressshop.com for an upcoming video as well. Now, when you search promgirl.com on Youtube, my face appears! Who knew that a prom dress search would bring all of this?

Prom day came, and I felt great in my dress and had a wonderful time. I filmed a prom get ready with me that received 20,000+ views as well. This dress brought so much happiness to my prom. So many of my subscribers wanted the dress for themselves, so I sold it to one of them at a low price. It felt good to know that someone would have that same feeling as I did when I unboxed my dress for the first time! She emailed me and said the dress was beautiful and fit perfectly. My story just goes to show that you should never settle for anything less than what makes you feel happy. None of it would have been possible without my wonderful mother!