I used all Mary Kay products for this look.

  • First I used the Time Wise cleanser and moisturizer to create a clean canvas.
  • Then I used a face primer and eye primer along with the satin lips to help keep my make up on while I dance the night away.
  • Then I used a yellow-based concealer to cover up blemishes. Using a yellow base takes away pink undertones from your skin.
  • Next I highlighted with a beige concealer on my nose, eyes, chin, and above my cheek bones.
  • Then I used two different liquid foundation colors. I used the luminous liquid foundation beige 3 all over my face, and I used a luminous beige 6 on my cheek bones, near my chin and forehead to embrace the structure of my face. After that I used a beige 1 mineral powder to blend in the lines naturally, also putting a powder on top of a liquid will set it so it will keep your make up on longer. Once this is done I used a strawberry-colored blush, along with a bronzer that you use right under your blush line to create depth to your cheek bones. I also used a downtown brown lip color.
  • For the eyes I used a white in the corner of my eyes, and white below my eyebrow to make it pop.
  • Then I used brown in the corner of my eye with a purple in the crease to bring out the green in my eyes.
  • Last I finished it off with the ultimate mascara and liquid eyeliner with a little bit of black pencil eye liner on the bottom lid.
  • I also used ProExtensions in my hair to do a beautiful half up/down look that tied it all together!

I loved the way I looked, and I felt like all eyes were on me!