Who would have ever thought that being at the right place at the right time and experiencing an awkward situation could bring two, young people together? Young, shy and lacking confidence, I was the only girl in my engineering class my junior year of high school. It was the first day of class and it was my worst nightmare being the only girl completely surrounded by a bunch of guys. I was one of the first students to enter the class and sat at a table... alone. Eventually, more students started coming into the class and sat at my table since there were no seats left anywhere else.

I aspired to become a biomedical engineer one day in the future, so I took that bold risk to take the engineering class. My guy and I were originally only acquaintances in the class, but I would have never gotten to know him better if it wasn't for a funny incident that happened at my work.

I work as a cashier in my local supermarket and one day just so happened to check out the older brother of the guy in my class. When the older brother paid, his last name appeared on the screen. He had the same uncommon last name as a guy who is in my engineering class.

I asked the guy, "Oh, do you have a son that goes to this school?"

He laughed and said, "No, but I do have a brother who goes to that school!"

And he laughed again. Yikes, how embarrassing! I thought his older brother was his father! But if it weren’t for this moment, his brother would have never told him about the occurrence at my job and we wouldn't have started talking after that.

After that incident, I always talked to that guy in my engineering class. We worked in the same groups, became partners for projects and eventually he started driving me home from school every day. Slowly, we became friends and even became more than friends. One day, about six months later, I knew I had to take it to the next step. Instead of him asking me, I asked HIM to his prom (he was a senior). I was super confident that he liked me and that this was the start of a great relationship.

The week before prom, I was freaking out because I felt very “ugly” and that I wouldn’t be good enough for him. My dress was falling apart and my hair was so short! My friend suggested I get hair extensions for the day of prom. And this was the best decision of my life! As seen in the photo, I purchased a pair of Pro Extensions and they were perfect! They blended in so well and the color even matched perfectly. I took them to the hair salon and she curled them and styled my hair. Again, I felt confident and was finally ready for the big day, PROM.

I went from being a shy, self-conscious “ugly” feeling girl to a beautiful, confident, outgoing, loving woman! I met an amazing guy in such an awkward situation, but it has been over a year and we are still going strong. Nothing is better than being with a loved one that makes you feel strong, confident, loved, and beautiful throughout!