Like every good love story, once upon a time I met the love of my life. It first began when I changed schools. I was walking through the building with a friend who was showing me around when I noticed this guy. I couldn't see his face, but from what I could tell he looked nice.

Jokingly, I told my friend he had a cute butt. She ushered me on as we both laughed. One day, during a passing time, I finally got a chance to see his face. He was gorgeous! Black hair, baby blue eyes, toned muscles, the whole package. I fell in love at first sight. He decided to make the first move and say hi. His voice was so smooth. It made me melt inside. Later I found out he had a girlfriend. I decided the right thing to do was let him be and move on. I did.

After just one month of an awful relationship, I decided I had enough and could not ignore my feelings. I confessed to him online. To my surprise, he had just become single. It was a week before Valentine's Day. It seemed like a perfect opportunity to me. He wanted to get to know me and asked me to a skating rink, obviously as friends. I was ecstatic. I got ready for hours. We had fun that night and later decided to hangout again, for an official date.

The movies sounded the best. After a small kiss at the movies, I went to text my friend to tell her what had happened. The text also mentioned, "I think I'm in love with him." Well, my phone, being messed up and all, forwarded the text to my friend, my mother and him. Great.

I felt like I was going to throw up. That, however, changed immediately when he “I love you” back. On February 22, we made it official outside under the moon and stars, where in the snow he had written "Go out with me." I jumped into his arms as he picked me up and kissed him on the forehead. When he set me down, I wrote "Yes" with a big heart and our initials (BC and AD) in it. (BC and AD, funny right? I get it all the time.)

From then on, we've been madly in love. Never a dull moment. We've been through so much and our love has stayed strong. Today he is still my B and I am his princess and we will continue to live happily ever after. 

P.S. the "scary" looking picture of us was when we spent our first Halloween together. It’s my favorite picture.