I actually stumbled upon this contest because for Valentine’s Day, I asked my husband, Ryan, to buy me a new set of extensions, not chocolates or flowers!

Ryan and I knew each other a few years before we started dating. His sister and I were close friends. Ryan immediately had his eye on me! He waited three years to even ask me to dance at a wedding. I declined the offer because a mutual friend had just told me the week before that he was interested in me, so I didn't want to lead him on!

About 11 months later, in May 2006, I finally gave in and went on a date with Ryan.  Ever since, we were literally inseparable and officially became a couple on July 7th! We just have so much in common!

He instantly wanted to get me a ring, but I was in no rush. Eventually, I loved the idea as we grew closer. He surprised me and proposed on October 7, 2008!  I wanted to finish college first, so we decided to get married on August 28, 2010.

We have been happily married ever since and built a house that we moved into in October 2012! We love to go to Pittsburgh Pirates baseball games, ride our ATVs, play with our dog, make trips to the beach and travel!  I'm extremely lucky to have such a thoughtful and kind-hearted man!