My name is Danielle and I was lucky enough to marry my best friend! Here is our story.

While home from college and on the hunt for a summer job, I headed to our local mall.  My choice was Victoria's Secret or Macy's (way on the other side of the mall).  Since VS was closer, I applied there first. Luckily I got the job and my summer began. I first laid eyes on my husband while walking into work one day. He worked right outside of Victoria's Secret at an independent kiosk selling scented oils and perfume.

After a couple weeks of giving each other the eye and subtle hellos before work, he finally came up to me and said hello. I could tell he was nervous, but so was I! He passed me his number with shaky hands and said he would be honored if I called. Forgetting any and all dating rules, I called that night because I was so excited to get to know this guy.  I'm so glad I did because our conversation didn't stop. We laughed all night and realized we had so much in common. That phone call turned into our first date, which had an equally strong connection. And we were hooked!

We were joined at the hip for the rest of the summer, now as a couple. When school began, we discussed remaining together even though our colleges were 300 miles away from each other! But we endured. Though we missed each other, we learned valuable relationship characteristics like communication and trust while being that far apart from each other. Visits were few and far between, but we made it work, all at the age of 19!

Three years later, we felt so accomplished. We made it through a long-distance relationship and graduation was around the corner. We were engaged and began to plan our lives together. My last two weeks of college was a whirlwind- I graduated one week and we were married the next.

The pictures submitted show us on our first day as husband and wife and the other eight years later on our anniversary. We now have two boys and I couldn't be happier. Happy Valentine’s Day!