My name is Sheena and my significant other is Myles. We have been dating now for seven years, but met in middle school. Myles was always the class clown and cracked jokes every chance he could.

I was the one who was annoyed by him , the one that wanted to learn and of course had to have straight A's. I wasn't too fond of Myles the first two years, but one day in eighth grade, my schedule changed. I was in almost every class with Myles.

As time passed in our eighth grade year, I grew more fond of him and actually had a huge crush on him. Well, come to find out he had a crush on me, too! I guess you can say opposites attract! We started dating at the end of our eighth grade year. The months passed and we went to high school. We were getting stronger and closer as each year passed.

Everyone called us the high school sweethearts because we never let anything come between us. Our senior year, we decided to run for prom king and queen. Well, I’m blessed to say that I got to dance with my king that night and he got to dance with his queen. It was the best memory throughout high school. Everyone came up to us and congratulated us.

Our senior year came to an end and by then we were a good four years into our relationship, going on five. We moved into our own place in Arizona as I went to college. Later, we decided to move back to San Diego, California and got our own place again.

Well, as our six year anniversary approached, he finally proposed to me on the beach with a message in a bottle that was left for me on the shore! I quickly emptied the sand out of the bottle and an old script fell out. It’s always been one of my dreams to find a message in a bottle, so I was oblivious that this one was made just for me!

As I read the letter, it told me how much he cared for me and loved me and that he needed to ask me a question. I turned around to find him on his knee and he asked for my hand in marriage! We are getting married on July 18, 2015! I get to marry my very first love and have many more happy years to come! You can say we were in fate’s course and I am so happy we were!