Have you ever had a cute guy you went to high school with, but never spoke to, pop up on the "People You May Know" section on Facebook? Have you had that urge to send a friend request but were hesitant?

Facebook changed my life in 2009. Marty and I had gone to the same elementary, middle and high school together, but had never spoken. He was in the grade above me and I had always considered him a little out of my league. I saw his picture pop up on my Facebook for weeks before I decided to just go ahead and request him as a friend.

He was living in Michigan and I was still in Ohio, so I figured “What do I have to lose?”  Hours after I had requested him and we became friends, I received notifications that he had commented on my pictures and my inbox contained a message. I remember being at work and being so filled with excitement to get on lunch break to check my message.

Soon, messages lead to texting, which then lead to phone calls. Marty then informed me that he would be coming back to Ohio soon because his older brother was having brain surgery and his family would be celebrating Thanksgiving a week early before the operation. The time came for this early Thanksgiving, which actually became our FIRST DATE.

As if first dates aren't nerve racking enough, I was getting ready to not only spend time with Marty, but also his family plus 30 other relatives and friends!                                                    After becoming inseparable, we were faced with a decision. Marty was given a job opportunity that would require him to move to Maine. He had to pick between this girl he just became close with and a fresh start with a new job and journey states away.

He chose me! This led us to decide to take a huge step and not only be together, but to live together. We found an apartment and our families thought we were crazy, but gave us their blessing. Our love grew and blossomed. We soon learned to appreciate our quick decisions to start our lives together when we found out we were expecting a baby.                                                    

Years later, we are blessed with a healthy, smart and silly three-year-old son, Mason. We have learned to take chances and risks because life is short and it's hard to tell how things will end up. Neither of us use Facebook anymore, but I couldn't be more thankful for the site!