Okay, okay, this would’ve been much more awesome had the US not gotten bumped from the World Cup yesterday, but that doesn’t mean that your newfound patriotism has gone out of style! With July 4th just around the corner, how are you planning to display your American pride? Sure, you can stick with the old standby of the heather-gray-tee-with-American-flag, but that’s boring. Nothing screams “Freedom” like a red, white and blue hair-do. Here’s three ways to fly your USA freak flag this Independence Day.

A patriotic dye job

Dye it!

For the most adventurous among us, an ambitious dye job will create a showy and memorable effect. Buzz cut optional. Successfully execute this level of patriotism, and the fireworks won't be the only thing dazzling thousands of onlookers this July 4th. And luckily for you, there are tons of temporary hair dye options. Why not try some temporary dye in chalk form? It's just like filling in a coloring book, but it's your head!


American flag ombre extensions

Clip some extensions in!

Check out these hand-sewn, ombre American flag extensions, courtesy of Nina's Creative Couture on Etsy. Perfect for heaping helpings of freedom into your hair-do (or cosplaying as a Firecracker popsicle) without the effort of doing the dye yourself! Because it's tough to dye in straight stripes. I may or may not know this from personal experience. And, of course, we love clip-in extensions. What else lets you exercise your freedom by clipping in and clipping out a whole new hairstyle in minutes? Well...


Blue Pro Extensions highlight streaks

Clip in some highlight streaks!

Maybe you're not the flashy, showy type, but you'd like to add some temporary color in your life. No worries, we've got you covered. We've got clip-in highlight streaks in red, blue, and blonde. They rock the same high quality hair and construction as our other clip-in extensions, they're just much showier! Gather them them with your natural hair into a festive ponytail, or take the January Jones approach and faux-up a peekaboo panel. Let your true colors shine through, just with subtlety.

The takeaway here: You're celebrating! Don't be afraid to be adventrous, don't be afraid to get noticed, especially when the changes are temporary.