5 Common Myths About Hair Extensions

With so many women wearing hair extensions these days, the internet is full of information about them. While most of it is true, there’s a few rumors that we want to clear up that might make your next hair extension purchase a little easier.

Myth #1: Hair extensions are only used to add length

While length is a common reason many women wear hair extensions, they can serve other purposes too. For women with thin hair or alopecia areata, extensions can be a safe and easy way to add thickness and volume.

Ever wanted to try a pop of color in your hair but are just too afraid? Clip-in extensions are a great way to try fun colors without the mess of temporary hair solutions or the commitment of permanent hair color. You can go for a fun bright color or even ombre your extensions like Lauren.

Myth #2: Hair extensions will cause damage and hair loss

A quick internet search can lead to horrifying stories and images about the permanent damages of hair extensions. Nobody wants to be walking around with a head full of damaged hair, leading many women shy away from trying hair extensions for fear of "being that girl." We get it.

If hair extensions are inserted and removed properly, they should not cause damage to your natural hair. If you are new to wearing hair extensions, we recommend working with your stylist to educate yourself on which extensions are best for you and how to apply them. And if you're going to be putting in hair extensions by yourself for the first time, try following a  how-to guide for some helpful tips and tricks.

However, if are experiencing any damage or hair loss after wearing hair extensions, don't hesitate to contact your hair stylist.

Myth #3: All hair extensions are the same

If you're okay with wearing hair extensions that will fall out, shed, look unnatural, or have omnidirectional strands, then any set will do. But the truth is, all hair extensions are not made equal.

Extensions made from synthetic materials will not give the same natural look as Remy hair extensions. They often have a much shinier look than human hair, which doesn't leave you with a natural finish. For grade-A quality hair extensions, follow the ProX Hair Extensions 101 guide to figure out which extensions are best for your budget, needs and lifestyle.

Myth #4: Hair extensions are painful and uncomfortable

Just like with false nails and eyelash extensions, hair extensions can take some getting used to. However, they should not cause any discomfort that interferes with your daily life. 

If you are experiencing pain and discomfort on a daily basis, your hair extensions are likely too close to the root of your hair and are not properly inserted.  Follow our how-to guide or work with your stylist to find a comfortable way for you to wear hair extensions. 

Myth #5: More expensive hair extensions are always better quality

Not necessarily. Many hair extension companies work as a middle man between a manufacturer and vendor, so they end up charging an arm and a leg to make a profit. With Pro Extensions, that's simply not the case. We are not a middle man, so we're not paying inflated prices before we bring the product to market. This is our product so we can offer it directly to you at a lower price.

To get a better idea about the quality of a company's hair extensions,  check out reviews like these and see what customers like you are saying about product quality.