1. Oversized Watch- Whether the band is made from chunky leather or sparkly rhinestones, an oversized watch is a great way to accessorize almost any outfit. And, a bright color tends to add a nice touch to neutral articles of clothing, like a coat or blazer.

2. Bright Tote- Tote bags are universal for so many outfits and purposes. They are great to load up supplies for a day at the beach, or to carry a load of books to the library. Best of all, tote bags coordinate well with all types of outfits-from suits to miniskirts!

3. Wristlet- If you are going for a quick run, or out to the bar, a wristlet is great way to keep all your essentials (money, ID, etc.) nearby without being weighed down by a heavy purse. Best of all, the thin wrist strap looks great when layered with bracelets or a watch!

4. Belts- There is no easier way to change an outfit than by adding a belt. This season, belts of all shapes, colors and textures are super-chic. Whether you want to draw attention to your waist or add a pop of color to an outfit, a belt is the answer. Skinny belts, woven belts, chain belts and double-wrap belts are all style-savvy.

5. Vests- Lightweight vests add an instant layering effect to any ensemble. You can wear a vest with just about any outfit, from dresses to jeans, as long as you pick a neutral color like white, cream or beige. For an added touch of sparkle, look for vests that are adorned with embroidery, rhinestones or zippers.




Lucky Magazine (February 2013)

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