Makeup, lotion, face cream, hair accessories and toiletries. These are just a few items women intend to pack when going on vacation, away for the weekend, or on an overnight outing.

However, it’s easy to forget to pack something, especially if you’ve waited until the last minute and threw things haphazardly into a suitcase. If this scenario sounds familiar, don’t let last-minute packing get the best of you. Become prepared and never worry whether or not you packed deodorant.

To start, make a list of all the items you would ideally have when traveling. Next, buy as many of these items as possible in travel size and keep them on hand. Invest in a high-quality, multi-compartment beauty bag, like the Double-Zip Quilted Cosmetic Bag by Thirty One.

A bag with a removable shoulder strap or carrying handles makes transportation much more convenient. With the Thirty One bag, there are two removable pouches that Velcro inside the main section. These pouches make it easy to store anything from hair accessories to makeup. Because the pouches can be removed from everything else, you don’t have to carry the entire bag to the bathroom- just detach the section you need and go!

A third zippered compartment is also available, as are many pockets and other zippered areas for storage. Pack your items and store the bag wherever it’s convenient- under the bathroom sink, in the closet or under the bed. Having a packed travel bag you can grab at a moment’s notice will make you feel calm and prepared the next time a trip arises.

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