From hair dyes, perms and deep treatments, to adding curls and fancy hair styles , some hair salons perform as many as 100 chemical applications every day, filling the room with noxious air contaminants, such as ammonia and lye, which can cause headaches and respiratory irritation. If you have any sort of respiratory problems, you may have noticed that being in the salon for an hour or two has caused some irritation to your breathing. Don’t worry, this is not life threatening. However, your hair stylist is at more of a risk to develop respiratory problems from inhaling the fumes for so many hours every week. Additionally, if the salon does manicures and pedicures, both you and the salon staff are at risk of inhaling formaldehyde, a known carcinogen; phthalates, which are possible reproductive or developmental toxins; and toluene, which triggers headaches, dizziness and fatigue. The only obvious solution to this is wearing a facemask, though it is not the most fashionable. The point of this article is not to say “Don’t go to the salon”, we just want you to be aware of the dangers out there and to take any precautions you would like to protect yourself.