From long and swept to short and full, bangs can be cut in a variety of styles and can easily create a noticeable transformation for someone looking for a quick and easy hairstyle change.

And for those afraid of making the plunge and chopping off their locks, bangs are now available in clip-in form! At, pro fringe bangs come in a variety of colors, are simple to wear and are made from real human hair!

Best of all, unlike cutting your own hair, pro fringe bangs won’t require constant two-week trims and lots of maintenance.

Bangs are quickly becoming a popular trend, and many celebrities have embraced the look. Reese Witherspoon, for instance, has become known for her swept-to- the-side bangs.

At this year’s Golden Globe awards, Sandra Bullock sported longer, fuller bangs from brow to brow.

Bangs can be worn with many hairstyles, and often look great with hair accessories. Headbands, for example, can often accentuate bangs and create a fun new look at a minimal cost.

A variety of headbands can be found at many local retailers and are available in a number of styles. Thin, stretchy headbands are popular when wearing a ponytail or bun, while wider, plastic headbands look great hair worn lose.

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