Beyoncé is known for many things. And her long locks were one of them. Notice how we said “WERE” one of them. As in past tense. That’s right. Beyoncé cut her hair.

She ditched the long tresses she’s sported for the last 15 years in favor of a much shorter, face-framing pixie cut. She made her short-hair debut Wednesday via Instagram when she posted a pic of herself looking in the mirror. Some think Beyoncé made the bold move to join the short-hair celebrity band wagon. Others think it had to do with the fact that her hair got caught in a fan while performing July 22 in Montreal as part of the Mrs. Carter Show.

Over the years, Beyoncé has worn her long hair in a variety of styles. She’s been photographed kissing her daughter, Blue Ivey, while rocking cornrows. She’s sported sleek, high ponytails. She’s looked glamorous with big, loose waves and long layers. And she’s also gone crazy curly with massive amounts of tight ringlets.

Regardless of her past hairstyles, this has to be her biggest hair move to date. Her fans, however, seem to have mixed feelings about the cut.

On Twitter, tjcarnage wrote, “It takes a strong woman with a beautiful face to go short. You’ll never feel more feminine and sexy once you realize you don’t need long hair to be a gorgeous woman. After all, it’s just hair.” Others, however, weren’t as nice and compared Beyoncé’s new do’ to Patty Mayonnaise, the love interest of cartoon character Doug, a television program that was popular in the 1990s.

What do you think of Beyoncé’s new haircut? Love it, or should she invest in some great clip-in extensions?