As winter ends, many women find their heads and hair recovering from dry scalps, frizzy ends and brittle tips.

Static cling can also be a major issue this time of year. Below are some tips to help combat season changes that can create unmanageable hair.

According to Gina Leonard, a Paul Mitchell stylist who writes Get Ginafied, the lack of moisture in winter air is to blame to static hair.

In the winter time especially, Gina said it is import to avoid washing your hair every day because doing so can take away natural oils and make your hair even drier and more prone to static.

One simple solution Gina offers to get rid of hair static is to rub a dryer sheet all over your head. Doing this will help eliminate unwanted static and leave your hair smelling laundry fresh!

When it comes to getting you hair to lie flat, or to also help eliminate static cling, Pro Extensions fan Railey E. recommends leave-in conditioning sprays or lotions.

“Take some baby lotion, or any scented lotion and put a small amount in your hands,” said Railey. “Rub it through your hair, starting at the bottom and then kind of working your way to the top.”

Candace M., a Pro Extensions customer, suggests using a heat protectant spray to not only protect your hair from blow drying, curling and straightening, but to help avoid frizz. In fact, Candace said her favorite spray is from TRESemme’s line of hair care products.

“It protects my hair from turning into a frizzy, tangled mess by the end of the week,” Candace said.


Katie Clontz is a staff writer and customer service representative for Pro Extensions. She has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Ball State University and has previously worked for publications such as The Courier-Times, The Knightstown Banner and Angie’s List.