Many people associate blue eye shadows with the kind of makeup their grandmothers wore in the 1960s. However, it is possible to wear blue eye makeup and look stylish.

In fact, Harper’s Bazaar recently stated that blue and green eye makeup was all over the fashion runways during 2013 Spring Fashion Week.

Dubbed a “Mediterranean” influence, there are several different ways to apply this eye color and achieve gorgeous results.


According to an beauty article, efficient blending is the key to making blue eye shadow look great. When applying blue colors, the darkest shade should go closest to the eyelashes and brighter colors farther away. However, don’t apply blue eye shadow past the crease of the eye as it can make the eye look too recessed.


If you are feeling adventurous, try adding small blue or green rhinestones to the corners of your eyes. Please keep in mind this look is best for nighttime and going out and not the office or other somber occasions.


If you decide to wear blue eye shadow, avoid matching the color to your clothing and use navy eyeliner instead of traditional black. For those with natural blue eyes, blue eyeliner can really make the eyes pop.

If you decide to go green, similar rules apply. A Huffington Post style article suggested picking one area of the eye to add green color. For instance, the lid, the rims or the outer corners.

Additionally, if the lighter your skin, the lighter the color should be. For instance, fair-skinned blondes should avoid deep emerald colors and instead choose a misty mint or celery shade.

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