It's no secret that that we often turn to the past for inspiration when it comes to hairstyles. Here's a look at celebrities who tried to repeat history, and tips on how you can re-create these looks at home!

Victory Rolls

Celebrities such as Mary J. Blige have been spotted wearing this hairstyle that was popular in the 1940s. Simple enough to wear every day, or for a fun nighttime appearance, victory rolls are fun and versatile.

To create this look, you will need a round brush, bobby pins, hair spray and a curling iron.

To start, part your hair in either the center or off to the side. Gather a section of hair that you want to use to make the roll. Keep in mind that the bigger the section, the bigger the roll. Next, using the round brush, roll your hair toward the center of your head. Secure the large curl you made next to your part with bobby pins. Use hairspray to lock the roll in place. Repeat these steps on the other side of your head.

Marilyn Curls

Marilyn Monroe has always been popular, even in death. From her wardrobe to her hair and makeup, this Hollywood legend’s looks have often been replicated by many celebrities, including Drew Barrymore.

To create this look, you will need a comb, brush, mousse, hairspray and hot rollers.

To start, apply mousse throughout wet hair, part and then blow dry. Then, take the hot rollers and create a row resembling a Mohawk, starting at the front of your head near the bang area and working your way back. Use the largest rollers near the top of your head, and the smallest rollers closest to your face and neck. Use medium rollers for the rest of the hair. Allow the rollers to cool completely before removing. After removing the rollers, lightly brush your hair, then use a comb to tease the curls into the desired position. Apply a coat of hairspray and you are finished!

Finger Waves

Stars like Tyra Banks have tried finger waves, a type of hairstyle popular in the 1920s and 1930s. Often thought of as “old Hollywood glam,” these curls appear slightly wet, but are simple and cute.

To create this look you will need gel and a comb.

To start, wash your hair and let it air dry until it is still wet, but not dripping. Then, comb gel through all of your hair. Place your middle finger across your hair, next to the top near your forehead. Press a comb against the side of your finger and pull the comb through a one-inch section of hair, going sideways. Next, put the comb flat against your scalp. Put your index finger next to the middle finger and apply pressure in order to make a ridge. Pull the comb through again, but the opposite direction from before. Repeat this process throughout your hair in one to two inch sections. Once you are done and the hair dries a bit, comb through it, then use hairspray to set in place.

The Great Gatsby

Inspired by the movie “The Great Gatsby,” celebrities such as Katy Perry have been spotted wearing this flapper hairstyle that was popular in the 1920s.

To create this look you will need a curling iron, gel and hair clips.

To start, apply gel throughout your hair and blow dry. Next, use a curling iron to tuck hair over the barrel of the curling iron to make gentle waves toward your face. Don’t use the curling iron clip. It may be helpful to use hair clips to section your hair so you have smaller sections to work with. Once the waves are in place, spray with hair spray. Allow the spray to dry, then start to comb out the waves, which will cause a rippling effect. Add a cute elastic headband with chunky glitter or rhinestones and you are finished!