It might be getting colder, but that doesn’t mean you have to hide your stylish outfits under coats that resemble puffy marshmallows. This winter season, there are a number of chic coats available that will not only keep you warm, but make you look great!

The colors and prints for the 2013 winter season vary drastically. For instance, light colors, such as rose, light pink, white and camel are very trendy. However, plaid is also in style, which is at the opposite end of the fashion spectrum.


Oversized “men style” jackets with thick collars and longer sleeves are also popular. Similarly, manly tweed print jackets have also been spotted on many winter runways.

The ever faithful trench coat is also a good look, particularly if you can find one in navy blue as that seems to be the “it” color in that style.

Camo green coats with fur-lined collars are also super-trendy, as are mini capes, especially leather ones in ox blood and plum tones.

No matter what your fashion sense, the wide variety of cute winter outerwear is sure to have something to please everyone.

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