If you want luxurious waves or bouncy curls in your hair, a curling iron is the perfect device. However, if you don’t select the exact tool or do not make use of it properly, it can leave your locks looking damaged, dry, and brittle instead of shiny, soft, and full of body. Depending on your hair type and the style you would like to attain, you can choose the exact curling iron model. Once you have purchased a safe and effective device, you need to know its proper usage. Never use a curling iron on wet hair. The heat from the curling iron’s barrel will convert any surface moisture into steam, which can burn the hair strand or skin. By no means leave the heated barrel in contact with hair strands for more than 8 seconds. Extended contact with direct heat will weaken the hair strands and result in split-ends and breakage. Never apply heat directly to the roots of your hair. To keep away from skin burns and cuticle damage, keep the barrel of curling iron at least ½ inch away from the hair roots. Prior to wrapping around the iron’s barrel, always divide the hair into small sections. Thick, big sections of hair will take a lot of time to curl. As a result, it will increase the time of direct heat required to curl the hair. After heating, never comb, brush, or pull on hair strands right away. Warm hair is more prone to damage and breakage, so make sure that the curls are absolutely cool before you style them. By following these simple tips, you can securely accomplish your curly hairstyle without compromising the health of hair.