Girls with curls have a love/hate relationship with their hair. Yes, it looks pretty, but it’s also prone to frizz, flyway’s and unmanageability. And sometimes, it’s hard to find a hairstyle that works well with super-textured tresses. This summer, try one of these two hairstyles designed especially for women with curly hair. You’ll be glad you did!

1. The Fake Bob

    • To start, section your hair into three parts (two on the side, one in the back). Clip the two side sections away from the rest of the hair.
    • Tightly twist the back section. Coil the twist and pin it to your scalp with bobby pins.
    • Undo the two side sections and gently gather them into a low ponytail over top of the coiled section. Let some pieces fall beside your face to create a framing effect.
    • Tuck your ponytail, pinning it to the base of your scalp near where the previously coiled section started.
    • Take your side pieces and pin them under as well.
    •  Tease the hair at the roots for added volume.

2. Twist and Pin

      • Starting at the top of your head, twist random sections, making sure to leave a few curls loose in the front.
      • Coil each twist and use a bobby pin to attach to your scalp.
      • Continue coiling and pinning until all of your hair is pinned up.