We’ve all been stuck in a hair styling rut. We tend to wear our hair the same way day in and day out. Whether it’s thrown up into a quick ponytail, or just left to hang, having the same do’ all the time can get boring.

Similarly, the same old hair accessories might not do much to inspire you to change your style. Think traditional elastic hair ties. That doesn’t make for a very exciting ponytail, bun or braid. But with a little creativity, you can turn mundane into exotic in no time flat!

To add a little sparkle to your ponytail for a special occasion, or just dinner out, find an elastic hair tie with a shiny rhinestone attached.

If you want a bun, try using an elastic with a clip-shaped attachment for added decoration.

For pinned up do’s, try using bobby pins with creative end attachments.There are a ton of really cute options available from owls to flowers.

Multi-layered head bands are also increasing in popularity and can add a lot of visual texture to any hairstyle, whether the hair is worn up or down. Layered headbands come in metal or elastic, so you can pick which style is most comfortable.