If you want younger, fresher-looking skin, stop using toner and anti-aging serums. Instead, run to your nearest cosmetics counter, buy a bottle of “Reverse Osmosis Water” and drink up!

Sound a little weird? That’s because it is. However, the latest craze in skin care is drinkable products that are said to help replenish, clarify and help stop skin from aging.

One product line, Borba Nutraceuticals, was invented by a Beverly Hills cosmetics developer. These bottles typically retail for about $2.50 for 15 ounces and contain ingredients such as grape seed, acai, walnut husks and pomegranate extracts. Customers are encouraged to drink two bottles a day to achieve maximum results.

Another brand of drinkable skin care products, Fountain, was given out during London Fashion Week. This beverage boosts a combo of hyaluronic acid and ginger, of which two teaspoons are to be taken daily.

Whether or not drinking essential vitamins, minerals and other skin-replenishing nutrients is beneficial remains unclear. Some experts agree that the ingredients in the drinks are good for the skin, but how the skin reacts to them in the presented format hasn’t been widely studied.

What do you think? Is this a beauty regimen you would embrace, or shy away from?