When some people think of fall, they often think about leaves turning colors, pumpkins and the upcoming holidays.

Others, however, think about changing their hair color to match the fall season. In fact, many women chose this time of year to make the transition from blonde to brunette, brunette to redhead, etc.

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However, for those not willing to shift hair colors completely, a new cut or a subtle color change may be in order. Clip-in hair extensions can help with this process, especially for those looking for highlights or lowlights.

A recent Elke Von Freudenberg blog suggests that the trend for fall hair colors will be those colors that are low maintenance.

The blog goes on to say that popular blonde colors will be solid blonde colors like those worn by celebrities Reece Witherspoon, Lady Gaga, etc.

For brunettes, Elke predicts that darker colors will become more solid with added texture, like celebrities Selena Gomez and Kate Middleton.

For redheads, an article featured on latesthairstyles.com suggests that those going red be cautious of the fact that red coloring fades much faster than other shades and will require more maintenance and touch ups. Additionally, the article warned people to choose red hair colors carefully as cool-shades of red can make some people look washed out or sickly.

In addition to changing hair colors for the fall, some people may also be thinking about changing their hair’s length. Some may be ambitious enough to go bold and short while others are trying to grow out a short summer style in time for the cooler months.

For those trying to grow out a short summer cut, clip-in human hair extensions could be a great solution. Pro Extensions hair extensions are simple to use and can help ease the “awkward” phase that is often associated with growing out your hair.