What do the First Lady of the United States and the Duchess of Cambridge in the United Kingdom have in common? Bangs!

That’s right. Both Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton have bangs. Kate debuted her new look in late November 2012.

According to People Magazine, Michelle revealed her freshly-cut bangs on her 49th birthday on Jan. 17. Her new do’ took center stage during the President’s swearing-in ceremony on Sunday Jan. 20 and then again during the inauguration festivities on Jan. 21.

According to USA Today, just after his swearing-in ceremony, President Obama publicly complimented his wife’s new hairstyle.

“To address the most significant event of the weekend, I love her bangs,” he said. “She looks good. She always looks good.”

How the two women have chosen to wear their bangs, however, is completely different. While Michelle opted for straight-across fringe, Kate went for longer, more side-swept bangs.

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According to Allure Magazine, if you do decide to join the bang-bandwagon, there are several ways to style them. First, use minimal product to avoid bangs that appear stringy and limp. When blow drying your hair, take a comb and pull your bangs away from your face to create volume at the roots. Finally, bangs make people look your face, particularly around your eyes, so be sure to take special care when applying eye makeup.



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