Winter is over. It’s time to start shedding the extra layers and bulky boots in favor of sheer tops and cute sandals. As the weather gets warmer, the selection of cute spring shoes also heats up. And what girl can resist a cute pair of shoes?

Regardless of whether you prefer flats, extra-high heels or something in between, this year’s spring shoe trends can cater to just about any style. Check out the top five must-have shoe styles below!

Pointy Flats: Rounded ballet flats are old news. This spring, slip on a pair of flats with a quirky, pointy toe. Whether you opt for shoes that are all one color, or decide to go bold with a metallic toe, the pointed tip of these shoes actually helps create the illusion of a longer, leaner leg. And, this type of shoe goes with just about any outfit from a flowing skirt to a lightweight business suit.

Oxfords: This style shoe makes us think of saddle shoes that were widely popular in the 1950s. However, these retro-inspired shoes are also common attire for men’s dress. But don’t let this style intimidate you. Oxfords can be paired with a pair of cuffed capri pants, or a super-feminine floral skirt.

Thick Heels: If towering around in a pair of stilettos isn’t your cup of tea, then you will love the cute and comfortable feel that chunky heels have to offer. Perfectly paired with a dress or with a pair of shorts, thicker heels are available in patterns and colors to match any outfit.

Wedges: It’s true that wedges are the more practical version of a high heel. The contoured shape makes them easy to walk in, and best of all, they won’t sink when walking on ground that has recently been soaked with a spring shower. Universal and stylish, wedges can be incorporated into almost any ensemble.

Two-Tone: If you want to spice up an evening look, or add a pop of unexpected color to a daytime outfit, two-tone shoes are the perfect solution. Rapidly gaining popularity in Hollywood, celebrities such as Jessica Biel have been spotted wearing these cute style!


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