You never know when your hair piece can save your life.

Take for example, Abbie Cornish, a young Australian actress who was recently on set filming the movie “Sucker Punch” when she was hit in the head with a World War I style bayonet.

Because the bayonet struck a metal clip holding her hair piece in place, Cornish avoided serious injury.

“I kind of liken it to the old bible in the left pocket story,” Cornish said in a Jimmy Kimmel Live interview. “Apparently the metal hair clip did really save my life and all I have now is a little scar that didn’t need stitches.”

In a much more serious circumstance, it was a metal hair clip that saved the life of a 25-year-old woman during a 2000 Kansas incident that became known as the Wichita Massacre. The woman was the lone survivor of a brutal murder/rape/assault/robbery in which four people lost their lives after they were shot execution-style.

The woman who survived was able to do so because her metal hair clip deflected the bullet she was shot with.

In another life-saving event, Missouri woman Briana Bonds was spared from a bullet piercing her skull because the bullet she was shot with became entangled in hair weave.

Bonds was allegedly shot by her ex-boyfriend after leaving a convenience store parking lot.

”I’ve been wearing it for years,” Bonds said of her hair piece. “I’ve invested a lot of money into this weave. It saved my life. It saved my life.”