You may have already found the perfect Halloween costume. Now it’s time to accessorize ­- and that includes finding the perfect makeup and hairstyle to compliment your ensemble whether you are going as a fairy princess, a vampire or just a creature from the crypt!

For those with girly costumes such as fairies, angels, goddesses, etc., a prom-like updo may be very suiting. To achieve this look, pull your hair into a high ponytail, then use a curling iron and bobby pins to create a mound of pinned ringlets. A simple halo constructed of pipe cleaner, ribbon, beads or glitter might also be a nice touch.

For princess makeup, clean and simple is always a good choice. Chose a pale, pink lipstick and a natural shade of eye shadow to create a pure, innocent look.

For goddess costumes, bold, dramatic colors can create an impressive impact. Consider using false eyelashes for added glamour, or add a few rhinestone stickers around the eyebrow line for some extra pizazz.

If your costume is gory or dark and requires a dramatic effect, an article suggests teasing your hair to create a frizzy appearance. Then, use a crimping iron to crimp only the middle sections of your hair. If you want to add a pop of color, Pro Extensions highlight streak packs,, are a great way to get the color you want without the hassle of messy hair dye.

Using baby powder to make hair appear white or gray is also a cheap but effective option for costumes such as mummies, ghosts or historical figures.

And because of the recent “Twilight” craze, vampire costumes have increased in popularity. For guys trying to achieve the Edward look, simply use mousse or gel to tousle your own natural hair into a haphazard appearance. If your hair is relatively short, it may help to let it grow out a couple inches before Halloween.

However, if “sparkling,” human-like vampires such as those in Twilight aren’t your style, you can always dress up as an old-school vampire and wear the classic black cape and fangs. As for makeup, you could paint your face white and then add lots of black eye makeup and use red lipstick to create a fake dribble of blood from the corners of your fangs.


Katie Clontz is a staff writer and customer service representative for Pro Extensions. She has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Ball State University and has previously worked for publications such as The Courier-Times, The Knightstown Banner and Angie’s List.