Pro Extensions has always offered clip-in highlight streak packs in an assortment of fun colors. In the past, these quirky streaks were only sold in packages of six pieces. However, we are pleased to announce that these great highlights are now also sold in packages of two, just in case you don’t want or need as many pieces. The two-piece sets are also less expensive than the traditional six-piece sets, so they may be a more cost-effective solution.

And best of all, we still sell the highlights in packages of six as well. Now you just have even more options available! And that’s what Pro Extensions is all about- options!

All of our clip-on highlights are made from Grade A+, 100 percent Remy human hair. Each piece measures 1.5 inches wide and 18 inches long. Colorful streaks are a fun and easy way to add color to your hair without the damaging effects of dye, or the hassle of colored chalk or aerosol sprays and paints. Our clip-in highlights snap on in seconds, giving you that fun pop of color that’s perfect for any occasion.

The two-piece sets are available in the following colors: platinum, jet black, blue, green, pink, purple, red, rainbow, leopard, zebra and pink leopard. Each two-piece set is sold for $14.99 and comes with free shipping!