The holidays are fast approaching. And that means there will be many parties, gatherings and other special events to attend. Everyone wants to look their best, and that includes finding a cute hairstyle and applying the right makeup.

According to Monsters & Critics Lifestyle, this holiday season, retro hairstyles with a modern twist will be all the rage.

This means that sculpted and sleek hair will be in style, as will braids and oversized waves.

M&C states that if hair is worn down, it should be polished, but with a fluffy texture and soft volume. Additionally, hair worn curly should be slightly bouncy, with a bit of height at the crown.

One way to help achieve height in such hairstyles is with a Pro Pump. This product will help hair look “teased” and blends nicely your own natural hair. The Pro Pump comes in numerous colors, so matching your natural hair color will be breeze. Pro Pump’s barrette-like clips make putting the piece in easy. The Pro Pump can also be adjusted so you get as little or as much height as you want!

Hair worn up this holiday season should be in buns or chignons as it helps create a boho feel. The up dos should be designed to look somewhat messy, so teasing and imperfections make the look more stylish, M&C said.

To look refreshed for every big event without spending hours in front of the mirror, Marie Claire suggests applying concealer to the inner corners of the eye, then under the lower eyelashes and around the nose. Afterwards, apply some bronzer to your cheek bones.

If you’re worried about breakouts and how it will look in holiday photos, try wearing a warm shade of pink lipstick as it distracts from blemishes, Marie Claire said. Additionally, creating a sexy eye can be made simple by applying eye liner above the upper eyelashes, extending the line just past the outside edge of the eye.

If your skin feels dry and you’re pressed for time, another Marie Claire tip is to apply hair conditioner all over your body while in the shower, then rinse it off. The conditioner automatically sinks into the skin, providing much-need moisture!


Katie Clontz is a staff writer and customer service representative for Pro Extensions. She has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Ball State University and has previously worked for publications such as The Courier-Times, The Knightstown Banner and Angie’s List.