What lengths would you go to for a facial? Would you go the traditional route and smear egg yolks, tea bags or coffee grounds all over your face? Or would you take it a step further and actually have your own blood re-injected into your face?

Ultimately it depends on how much money, pain and pure nastiness you are willing to endure to get the glowing skin of your dreams. From the gross to the indulgent, we’ve broken down six of the most unique, disgusting and expensive face treatments out there.  

The Chocolate Facial: If you have a sweet tooth, perhaps a chocolate facial would satisfy your craving. This indulgent procedure is offered at many high-end spas. This rich treatment takes advantage of chocolate’s natural antioxidants, which are thought to help reduce the signs of aging or sun damage. Better yet, chocolate is known for improving people’s moods, so the delicious smells associated with this treatment send happy signals to your brain, reducing your stress levels!

The Gold Facial: If you have about $500 extra bucks lying around, you could indulge in a facial made from 24 karat gold! Most who shell out the cash for this costly procedure are hoping to reap the benefits of reducing age spots and wrinkles. It’s also suggested that gold has skin-firming components.

The Bird Poop Facial: Do you want to spend $180 to get $!#% on? If so, a bird dropping facial from an upscale spa in New York could be to your liking! This disgusting facial uses poop from nightingales, whose excrements are thought to help lighten your skin complexion.  But don’t worry. The poop is sanitized and put into powder form before it is applied to your face.

The Blood Facial: We have Kim Kardashian to thank for bringing this vampire-like treatment to the nation’s attention. This painful procedure involves drawing vials of blood from the patient’s arm. The blood is then spun around to separate the red palettes from the yellow. After that, the blood is re-injected into the patient’s face with 9 tiny needles. This procedure can cost upwards of $1,000, but is thought to help reduce and reverse the signs of aging by using the body’s natural collagens and elastics as the face heals.

The Beer Facial: Would you rather drink your beer, or mix it with household ingredients and smear it all over your face? It’s up to you, but some experts say that mixing beer with avocado, honey and vinegar can help alleviate dry skin and boost cell regeneration. The choice is yours, but would you be willing to sacrifice your tasty beverage in favor of more hydrated skin?

Sheep Placenta Facial: What is it with celebrities and gross facials? They must have more money than they know what to do with because it is rumored that Victoria Beckham is one celeb who frequently has sheep afterbirth rubbed over her face to help reverse the signs of aging. Whether or not this actually works isn’t known, but still, EWE!  






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