How to Extend the Life of your Hair Extension

How to Extend the Life of your Hair Extensions

If you wear hair extensions regularly, then you've probably learned a trick or two on how to make each set last a little longer than the ones before. We've learned a couple of tips and tricks over the years too! So here are our best tips for extending the life of hair extensions:

1. Choose the right type of extensions for your lifestyle and hair texture. Your hair extensions should simply be an extension of your current lifestyle, not a hindrance. So if you're finding that your extensions are distracting, causing discomfort, or tangling easily, there's likely a better style for you. Wearing the right type of extensions will extend the wear time because they will be able to hold up to your lifestyle best. Learn about the 5 types of hair extension or consult your stylist to decide which type of extensions are best for you. 

2. Brush your extensions when needed. With so much conflicting information on how to brush extensions and how often it should be done, we'll break it down for you:

Do: Brush your extensions before washing or sleeping in them. Use your hand to grip them at the base, making small downward strokes starting near the bottom and slowly working your way up. We recommend using a loop brush to gently remove any tangles without tugging or pulling.

Don't: Brush your extensions when they're wet. Your extensions are more vulnerable to tangling and breaking when they're wet or damp. We recommend letting your extensions air dry instead of using a blow dryer or other direct heat.  

3. Use heat tools appropriately. While a good pair of hair extensions can withstand the heat of your favorite curling or flat iron, remember that just like with the hair on your head, too much heat can cause damage, dryness and eventually breakage. So avoid using heat tools near the base of the extensions and limit the use of heat styling tools whenever possible.

4. Wash when necessary.  Washing your extensions too much can cause them to fall apart quickly, and washing them too infrequently can do the same. So how often should you wash them? We recommend washing your extensions with a sulfate-free shampoo approximately every 10-20 uses, or when there is product build up.

If you're using extensions with the cuticle still intact, wash in warm water to open the cuticle and let the product in. When you're done, rinse with cold water to close the cuticle and lock in the moister.

5. Avoid using too much product. While hair extensions can benefit from products just like your natural hair, too much product can cause damage and be hard for your extensions to recover from. Since extensions are no longer naturally and growing hair, they don't require as much product as the hair living on your head. So avoid using products as much as possible and always remember that less is more.

6. Sleep in silk. Even natural hair can become tangled and matted during a good night's rest. So to keep your extensions from being a disaster the next morning, sleep with silk satin bedsheets. We also recommend sleeping in with your hair in a soft ponytail to minimize their movements during the night, and only sleeping in them when they are completely dry.

7. Store them delicately. When you're not wearing your extensions, it can be tempting to toss them aside and forget about them until you're ready to wear them again. However, the way you store them between wears can have a significant impact on the lifespan of your extensions. So when you're not wearing them, delicately hang them on a pant hanger or a baby coat hanger. This will preserve the life of your extensions, allow them to breathe and save them from tangles in between wears.

For safe travels, try putting your extensions in a silk bag to avoid any breakage or tangles.

8. Apply the golden rule. The best thing you can do for your extensions is to treat them like you treat your own hair. So if you wouldn't want it done to your natural hair, you probably shouldn't do it to your extensions.But with just a little bit of extra care, you can make your extensions last you longer than ever before!

What tips do you have for extending the life of your hair extensions?