The season that lets most of us play with bold colors and daring styles is upon us. Summer is also when the more adventuresome amongst us experiment with hair color. The appropriate outfit and accessories will help produce a unified ensemble so that multiple elements do not clash with one another.

 Metal and Monochrome

Classics rarely let anyone down. A classic black and white combo can be highly versatile with the pieces easily mixing and matching. Solid colors make a great backdrop to silver and gold and provide a stark contrast to brightly-colored hair.

Picture your lush, platinum blonde waves cascading against a velvety, black sweater, or a navy-blue sweater-dress. Match silver with silver by wearing a sterling silver necklace for accents. Since your hair is down, wearing earrings with neck jewelry will make it seem overdone. Pair the latter with a highly-polished platinum bracelet instead.

A black top, naturally, also goes with livelier-colored hair. If you have cool-hued highlights, (blue, purple, green), try a storm-gray sleeveless shirt or turtleneck top. Wear your crown in a messy bun, with the outer locks loosely held in place with gold-colored ornamental clips and some hair highlights hanging out, loose, at the sides. Wear a medium-size rose gold pendant (about the size of a small figurine; enough for the color to be discernible) on a drop necklace and a similarly-hued statement ring to complete the artsy get-up.

Warm highlights (red, orange, yellow), on another hand, would go well with a white tube top or one-shoulder blouse. Tie your hair up in a flat bun, grace your neck with a classic, silver necklace and a small, graceful pendant. Drape those sexy shoulders with a charcoal-gray long vest. Wrap a shimmering, silver-plated coil bracelet round your wrist and you’re good to go.

Colors and Classics

The early to mid-sixties was such an iconic time in fashion that it is inspiring to see it back on the runway. Warm, honey blondes would look absolutely smashing in those cozy pastels and fiery redheads would further sizzle in those tangerine browns and burnt oranges.

Play-up this sixties feel with colorful beads and classic stone jewelry. Wear your paisleys and Peter Pan collars with classic coifs and old-school up-do’s and top off with salmon-colored or mint-green earrings (a complicated collar would clash with a necklace). Try a floral print dancing dress with orangey or pinkish-yellow hues to bring out your titian blonde hair. Garnish your wrist with a jade or other green stone bracelet and earrings to match.

If your hair color is on the brownish side, try a patterned, baby-blue sundress with a bright, yellow-green sash around the waist. If it has an open neck, wear an aqua-colored twisted-bead necklace with lavender and green accents to complement your hair and dress.

Studs and Stripes

If you’re a minimalist who likes tidy patterns and geometric fashion, you might enjoy wearing neat checks, polka dots and stripes. V-stripes, for one, emphasize a woman’s waist and chest (if the V’s are right-side-up), even more so when they’re on a peplum dress. Bold strokes on such patterns may be difficult to coordinate with jewelry, in which case, studs would be a safe, genteel choice – making for a crisp, put-together look. Pull your yellow locks back in a side-swept ponytail, twirled to bring out any highlights.

In the meantime, you may think that polka dots would clash with fellow circular studs. When faced with such uncertainty, sparkling square studs and dangling square ‘hoops” would be your good allies. Pull your rich, chocolate waves back in a half ponytail, leaving enough to frame your face, while showing off those earrings.

Diamond-shapes and rectangular studs, on the other hand, would complement a check-patterned dress; but art deco studs (studs with patterns, or even drawings, on them) would give your outfit a more impressive flare. Try placing your beachy browns in a high bun, for an “usually-unconventional-but-occasionally-sophisticated look.”

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