We’ve seen Katy Perry with just about every hair color imaginable. From black and orange to pink and blue, she is clearly not afraid to experiment with unusual colors. A natural blonde, Katy’s cool skin tone makes it possible for her to pull off pretty much any color with ease.

She’s got the blues

At the 2010 MTV Movie Awards, Katy stepped out with wavy, electric blue hair and bangs. In 2012, she attended Parisian fashion shows with lighter, more pastel-looking blue hair.

Pretty in pink

At the 2011 Video Music Awards, Katy’s hair was bright pink as she sang her billboard-topping song, “I Kissed a Girl.” In 2012, she appeared at the American Music Awards with cotton-candy pink hair, complete with a blue and purple floral embellishment.

Back in black

In 2013, Katy attended the Grammy’s with dark black hair and a mint-green dress, an ensemble she said was inspired by Priscilla Presley. Most recently, in March 2013, she went to the Kid’s Choice Awards sporting black hair with a fresh, shoulder-skimming cut.

A well-known color chameleon, Katy is known for her eccentric looks and over-the-top fashion choices. Personally, we prefer her with black hair. Despite being a natural blonde, black seems to suit her to perfection. What do you think?

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