Obviously, Lady Gaga is not afraid to take risks. Her hairstyles are creative and colorful, with plenty of style cues for you to try this year.

Lady Gaga’s hairstyles change by the day (hour? minute?). But her cutting-edge hairstyles fit surprisingly well into the growing ombre trend. Streaks of bold color and ombre dyes keep everyone guessing what style she’ll pull out next. Follow these tips to achieve your own brand of Gaga.

Long, Technicolor Streaks

Back in 2009, Lady Gaga sported super-long streaks of pink, blue, and… let’s face it, just about every other color known to man. Human hair extensions in rainbow colors make it possible to pull off this edgy Lady Gaga look. Strategically placing long, rainbow extensions will get you this colorful look that’s back in style for 2013.

Loose Ombre Curls

Lady Gaga isn’t necessarily known for soft, feminine looks. But somehow she found a way to rock long, loose curls with pink and purple ombre highlights. The shocks of intense color contrasted with platinum blonde make an unmistakable statement that’s softened with (gasp!) almost-traditional messy Hollywood curls.

To get this look, choose a couple of clip-in hair extensions in a few colors and use a wide-barreled curling iron to create voluminous, messy waves throughout the extensions and your own hair.

Long, Brunette and Blonde

Lady Gaga toned down the punk rocker look in 2012 when she was seen in Amsterdam, sporting a rich brown and blonde ‘do. This look is decidedly softer, with long streaks of color to add contrast to the dark style.

To get this look, choose a platinum clip-in extension. You can also dye a two-three inch section of your own hair with platinum hair bleach. This color combo would also look fantastic in braids, another 2013 trend.