If you think having runway-inspired hair means having a professional stylist at your beck and call, you may be pleasantly surprised.

According to Harper’s Bazaar, one of this season’s most popular hairstyles is the low ponytail. With hair gathered at the bottom of the neck, such ponytails can be face-framing, or swept behind the ears.

The most popular way to wear the low pony was long and straight, with a few simple embellishments for aesthetic appeal. Check out these cute ideas to get your own inspiration!

Try using an extra-long, but super-thin clip to gather hair into a low, wide-spread ponytail. Almost resembling an over-sized bobby pin, this is a cute and fun way to get a simple ponytail without using the traditional elastic band. Look for clips with fun textures, color and sparkle for an added touch of character.

For a more dramatic effect, use wide, silky ribbon to decorate the ponytail. Ribbon in a bold color can emphasize the simple style, but also make it eye-catching and appealing. For women with light hair, try using a darker ribbon to get amazing contrast. Women with dark hair should try a light-colored ribbon to achieve the same effect.

Probably the simplest ponytail we came across was low and loose. Hair barely tucked into the elastic, allowing it to freely frame the face, is simple and quick to do.  This is a no-mess, no-fuss style that can be achieved in no time flat, making it perfect for days when hairstyling time is limited.

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