From choosing the perfect dress to selecting matching shoes, jewelry and a great hair style, prom can be a lot to think about for any high school girl. Then add in making sure your date’s tuxedo coordinates with your dress and deciding where to eat and the stress can be overwhelming.

One way to minimize prom-related stress is to plan ahead as much as possible. For instance, start looking at dresses about a month ahead of time. Take time to shop at several stores and see what options and prices are available.

And if you are worried about someone wearing the same dress as you, some smaller shops or bridal boutiques that sell prom dresses will often times make note of which dresses have been sold and what school that girl attends so future shoppers are forewarned that someone else already plans to wear that dress.

If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on a dress, many consignment stores have excellent prom dress selections. Most of the dresses are in great shape and have only been worn once.

When it comes to your hair style, you know the hair salon will be packed the day of prom, so be sure to schedule your hair appointment well in advance. Look up pictures of hair styles you like, and print off a picture so the stylist can attempt to copy the look you are going for.

Pick an appointment time that works best for you, and still allows you plenty of time to finish getting ready. Keep in mind that the earlier in the day you schedule the appointment, the longer the time you have to keep the hair looking perfect and not mess it up before the event even begins.

And if you are getting your nails done, be sure to schedule the appointment well in advance. It can be helpful to visit the nail salon ahead of time, maybe with a picture of your dress, so you can pick a polish color that will match perfectly.

Discuss dinner options with your date or group of friends ahead of time too. Are you going to be eating before the prom or after? Are you going out of town or staying in? Once you decide where to go, call the restaurant and schedule a reservation. Be sure you give your group plenty of time to eat and arrive at the event on time, if you are eating beforehand.

Asking if the restaurant has an online menu may also be helpful so you know how much money to bring, and so you won’t have to spend a lot of time deciding what you want to order.

If you are attending the prom with a date, tell them ahead of time what color your dress is so they can pick a tuxedo vest that will match. Letting your date know the color of your dress in advance can also help when selecting flowers such as corsages and boutonnieres.

The day before the event, be sure everyone in your group knows where to meet and at what time. These reminders can save you from being late for pictures or dinner reservations and ensure that the night gets off to a smooth start.

And last but not least, be sure to relax and have fun!