At Pro Extensions, we’re here to help. Whether you need assistance placing an order, need advice selecting a color or just have questions about a particular product, we’ve got you covered. Now you can meet some of our staff, and see what products they personally recommend!

Antoinette, Customer Service Supervisor

  • Years with Pro Extensions: 5
  • Favorite Product: Highlight Streak Packs
  • Ordering Tip: “I have an 8-year-old daughter. The highlights are good for kids because it adds a funky touch to their look without having to dye their hair.”

Emmie, Senior Customer Service Representative

  • Years with Pro Extensions: 2.5
  • Favorite Product: Body Wave
  • Ordering Tip: “The body wave is great for people like me who have bone-straight hair and want to add some pizazz to their look.”

April, Customer Service Representative

  • Years with Pro Extensions: 1.5
  • Favorite Product: Pro Lace
  • Ordering Tip: “If you have really thick hair, Pro Lace blends in better because of its thickness.”

Marie, Customer Service Representative

  • Years with Pro Extensions: 2
  • Favorite Product: 10” volumizer
  • Ordering Tip: “This is the length I get my granddaughter. If you have shorter hair and want to add a little bit of length and volume, this is the perfect product.”

Katie, Content Specialist

  • Years with Pro Extensions: 3
  • Favorite Product: 24” Remy
  • Ordering Tip: “If you already have long hair, but want to add some body and bounce, the 24” Remy set is a great option. It’s long, soft and very versatile.”

Rachael, Special Projects Coordinator

  • Years with Pro Extensions: 6
  • Favorite Product: Pro Cute
  • Ordering Tip: “If you want high-quality hair, go with Pro Cute. It’s silky and smooth. If you are trying to decide between two colors, go with the darker option because it blends better.”