Alexx Adkins has been participating in cheer and dance competitions for the last 14 years. Now a senior in high school, she is competing in beauty pageants.

Alexx Adkins participated in the teen division of the Little Miss and Mr. Pageant in Las Vegas.

“My friends that participate in beauty pageants and are title holders have always encouraged me to try pageants,” Adkins said. “I am getting ready to go to college in the fall and with pageants there are great scholarship opportunities.”

On Jan. 19, Adkins competed in the Little Miss and Mr. Pageant in Las Vegas, winning the title of Miss Teen Nevada. She also won awards for Best Smile and Best Attire.

Alexx Adkins won the title of Miss Teen Nevada on Jan. 19.

According to Adkins, three children in the pageant under the age of 7 were filmed for the hit TLC television show “Toddlers and Tiaras.”

Prior to the pageant, Adkins worked with a local pageant coach, but said her years of dance and performing on stage also helped her prepare.

“I love performing and being on stage,” Adkins said. “The glamorous clothes, make-up and hair made it unreal. Besides, who doesn’t like to get all dolled up?”

However, she said that diets, working out and displaying her original personality were challenging.

“You have one minute, literally 60 seconds on stage, to show your personality through your smile in order to show the judges you are right for the title,” she said.

According to Adkins, most pageants feature anywhere from three to five different outfit categories. However, this particular pageant had three categories including beauty, outfit of choice and one outfit of choice to match the overall theme of the pageant.

Adkins said this pageant was zoo-themed.

“My pageant coach had the creative idea of turning me into a rock star zebra,” she said.

Alexx Adkins in her outfit of choice.

However, Adkins said choosing an outfit for the beauty category proved to be a bit difficult.

“The hardest part for me was finding the perfect gown,” she said. “You have to look for a gown with elegance and originality.”

Aside from selecting outfits, Adkins said there are other pre-pageant tasks to be completed.

“Along with the shopping, there are hours of working out, tanning, getting nails done, and finding perfect hair do’s,” she said.

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