If you like painting your nails and creating funky designs for every holiday and celebration imaginable, you might be interested in subscribing to a monthly nail polish club that delivers polish and supplies directly to your door!

There are several similar companies out there, so it’s important to do the research and find out which one works best for you, and your budget. For many women, the monthly membership fees are cheaper than the cost of going to a salon and paying for a manicure.

Nail Art Society: Subscribers pay $11.95 per month (plus shipping and handling). In return, you receive a full-size bottle of nail polish, plus tools and accessories Best of all, the packages include how-to guides so you can easily re-create the current month’s look at home.

Lacquerous: This site operates on an invitation-only basis. Once you are selected, you create an account and add polishes to your “lust list.” Then, once per month, three different colors are shipped to you. But here’s the catch- you can only use each color three times and then you have to ship it back in order to get different colors. The company pays attention to the amount of polish left in each returned bottle to prevent abuse. Pre-paid shipping labels are included in the $14.99 monthly fee. However, if the thought of sharing open bottles of nail polish with complete strangers from all over the world creeps you out, avoid this membership!

Julep- This membership club is not necessarily specific to nail polish, but also includes other beauty items. To start, you take a quiz based on your styling choices. Then, you check out your “boxes,” which contain items specific to your preferences. Emails are sent out each month previewing your specialty box. If you decide you don’t want that month’s products, you have to log in to your account during certain times of the month to cancel. Otherwise, your package ships right to your door and you are billed. This is a great service if you are a true “Maven,” but if tend to be forgetful, don’t be surprised if you keep getting the bill each month.