The thought of trying a new hairstyle, whether it is a new cut or a new color, can be scary- especially for a soon-to-be bride. After all, who wants to look back at bad hair in his or her wedding photos?

For those brides who prefer to not take a chance on a new hairstyle so close to the big day but want a flattering change, Pro Extensions may be the answer.

With Pro Extensions, clip in hair extensions made from real human hair, you don’t have to make any permanent changes.

Pro Extensions allow brides the opportunity to try a new hair length, add volume, or provide additional color, all without making any permanent changes.

Pro Extensions would be perfect for a bride with short hair who wants a longer length for her wedding day. Additional length would be a great option for a bride who wants to have a fancy up do to show off her new dress and veil. The extensions can be styled like normal hair would be, including curling, braiding or straightening.

For a bride who wants to try a new hair color but is afraid to do so close to the wedding date, a highlight streak pack may be the answer! With these convenient packs, clip in highlights can be placed throughout the existing hair, creating a fresh new look without any permanent changes.

And with bangs making a comeback, Pro Extensions is proud to offer a new line of clip-in bangs in a variety of colors. Bangs would be another great way to change your appearance just slightly for the big day. And unlike cutting your own hair into bangs, clip-in bangs erase the worry of having to grow the hair back out afterwards, or have to stress about whether or not you will like the look.

And for those who like to plan ahead, hair extensions and bangs can be taken to your local hair salon to be perfected before the big day. It would also be a good opportunity to familiarize your stylist with the effect you want for your wedding day.

Need extensions in a flash? Pro Extensions is happy to provide overnight shipping to 90 percent of the country though United States Postal Service Mail. In most cases, if an order is placed before 3 p.m. Eastern time, the order ships the same day and arrives the next business day!

So glam it up for your wedding day. Try Pro Extensions now!