Ombre is super-popular right now. Whether it’s hair, nails or makeup, this is one trend that isn’t slowing down. And if you love nail fashion, there’s no better time than now to try ombre nails! And while you could also pay big bucks to have it done at a professional salon, it’s actually surprisingly simple to do at home.

To start, pick two different nail polish colors. For instance, you could do bright pink and peach, or dark blue and baby blue. You could also pick clashing colors, like green and purple. Ultimately the ombre you select should represent your personal tastes.

Next, get a small piece of sponge, a paper plate and a tooth pick. Start by painting your nails the lightest color of the two polishes. Then, pour a little of each nail polish onto the paper plate, very close together. Use a tooth pick to swirl the colors together in the center, but keep the outside portion of the colors together. (Hint: think Vin Diagram, if you remember those circular charts from school!)

Next, take your sponge and dab it in your nail polish, being sure to soak up all three different colors in a line. Dab the sponge lightly on your nails a few times. You can do this as much as you want until you get the desired effect. Just be sure to let the coats dry in between sponges!

Finally, use nail polish remover and a Q-Tip or small brush to get rid of the excess polish around the skin near your nails. Apply a good top coat to seal in the design and you are good to go!