Pastels have always been popular colors for spring. These soft colors are most often seen in clothing, Easter eggs or home décor. But what about using these subtle shades on your lips? Are you brave enough to wear mint-green lipstick? Even if the answer is no, you can still conform to the pastel lip trend by choosing a shade that is a bit more natural.

Pale pinks, creams, mauves and other “nude” shades are also very popular right now. These muted colors might be a bit less startling than a non-traditional color, like lavender. When choosing a lighter shade of lipstick, you should also consider your skin tone, hair color and wardrobe.

Those with fair skin and hair, for instance, should choose a shade with red, pink or brown undertones. For instance, a woman with blonde hair and blue eyes may be able to pull off a frosty pink lipstick far more easily than a woman with brown hair and brown eyes.

Medium to dark skin types should avoid orange-based colors as they tend to look very unnatural. Instead, people with darker complexions should choose shades with a cool undertone, like purple or blue.

Clothing should also be considered when picking a lip color. Is your closet full of dark, solid colors like brown, gray or black? Or do you have clothes in just about every color imaginable? Oftentimes, selecting a lip color that compliments your clothing color is a better idea than choosing colors that are exactly the same. Remember- your clothes, makeup and nail polish do not have to be a perfect match!


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