Whether you are single or attached, staying in or going out, Valentine’s Day is a great time to try a new hairstyle.

A recent Cosmopolitan article stated men prefer women to have natural looking hair. Examples of this would include hair that is straight, sleek or shiny. Additionally, some men like girls with short hair, such as pixie cuts, as it makes them seem more confident.

But if you aren’t looking to chop your locks, consider trying a new style for V-Day. Cosmopolitan suggests easy-to-do looks like a messy updo, or a simple side ponytail.

Other fun ideas, according to Divavillage.com, are soft, bouncy curls that can be made with old-fashioned hot rollers. Fun accessories, such as off-beat ribbons, bows or clips, can help make any style sparkle.

For an added touch of fun, try Pro Extension clip-in human hair highlight streak packs. Most packets come with 6 (1.5) inch clips containing 18 inches of hair. Festive Valentine’s Day colors such as pink or red are available! And best of all, these highlights are 100% human hair!

Once your hair is done, makeup should be another consideration whether you are going out to dinner with someone new, or celebrating the occasion with a long-time love. According to ivillage.com, three basic Valentine’s Day looks include soft and romantic, vivid and sexy or lovely and smoldering.

If you are going for soft and romantic, keep the makeup simple and light, with mute colors. Ivillage.com suggests purchasing a nice, pink lip gloss with a brown undertown.

For those who prefer vivid and sexy, consider applying false eyelashes, paired with a glittery eye shadow. Top off your look with a bright lipstick such as red or plum.

To look lovely and smoldering, try using a Smokey eye shadow with jewel-toned lip color.