*Note: The Dexter Jackson Classic is an annual bodybuilding competition held in Jacksonville, Florida.

I love, love, love my extensions! Pro Extensions provides amazing quality extensions and they are delivered extremely fast.  I wanted a fuller, more voluptuous look for my hair when I competed in the Dexter Jackson Classic, so I ordered the Pro Lace 20 inch clip-in Remy hair extensions.

Not only did they arrive the next day, but they are easy to clip in as well. The extensions are extremely light weight and still provide the fuller, longer look I was going for without weighing my head down and giving me a headache.  The lace acts as a backing to elegantly stack hair wefts along the lace track.

This process smoothly layers hair to prevent bunching. The lace texture also conveniently conceals and camouflages clips to ensure a seamless presentation, allowing me to walk on stage feeling 100 percent confident and comfortable with the way my hair looks and feels.

It is pretty much impossible not to fall in love with these extensions!  I was never really a fan of extensions until I tried these, but they look and feel amazing! Check them out and use discount code "Serina" to receive 5 percent off your order!