It’s easy to fall into a hair rut. Keeping the same style day after day can be familiar, and more often than not, convenient. The thought of a major appearance change can be unsettling.

If you are considering a new look, but don’t want to make a major commitment, try one (or more) of these five suggestions.

  1. Try Curls: If you have naturally curly hair, try a curl-enhancing shampoo, paired with a curl-defining mousse or gel. This can help strengthen the curl’s shape, and make them bouncier and less frizzy. If your hair is naturally straight, use a curling iron to create ringlets or waves. Use a strong hairspray to set the curls and prevent the style from falling limp as the day wears on.
  2. Straighten Your Hair: Remember how shocked we all were when Taylor Swift abandoned her curls in favor of a sleeker do’? To get a similar look, try using a round brush while blow drying to help enhance straightness. Point the brush and the dryer downwards. Using a frizz-ease serum prior to drying may also help. After the hair is dry, use a flat iron to smooth the hair, section by section.
  3. Change Your Part: Always part your hair down the middle? Try making a part on the left or right side. Doing this will not only give you the appearance of added volume, but the hair will also frame your face differently, creating an instant appearance change in no time flat!
  4. Get Highlights: You don’t have to highlight your entire head. Just do a few around the face to create a naturally sun-kissed look. To keep everything looking natural, avoid major contrasts, like jet black hair with platinum highlights. Instead, go for a more subtle look, no more than two shades lighter than your natural hair color. If you don’t want to dye your hair, try using clip-in hair extensions.
  5. Volumize: Start using shampoos and products that promote volume. Or, after you blow dry your hair, try rolling the top section with hot rollers to create an instant boost! Clip-in hair pieces, like the Pro Pump, can also help you achieve additional volume at the crown.
Pro Pump in the packaging.

This is what Pro Pump looks like out of the package.


Lucky Magazine, Feb. 2013 edition