Whether she’s going blonde, brunette or red, Rachel McAdams always looks fabulous! See how she’s been able to pull off so many unique looks!.

From indie films to big-screen blockbusters, Rachel McAdams seldom fails to captivate. And her fashion sense garners as much attention as her acting. Like her diverse roles, Rachel’s style is ever changing. She’s been a blonde, a brunette and a red head – all with stunning success. But when most girls think they can’t even pull off their own hair color, how does Rachel look like a bombshell with each new style? It’s all in her skin! She doesn’t just adjust her hair tones – she makes sure to choose colors that complement her skin tone and adjusts her makeup accordingly. You, too, can have your dream hair color with a few tips from Rachel’s stylists:


In 2011, Rachel rocked the blonde look at the Cannes film festival, going for a root-to-tip sunny light gold color. By taking care of her hair, she gets away with the frequent colorings, according to her stylist. When lightening your hair, make sure you go with a moisturizing blend, as hair lighteners also tend to suck the moisture out of your hair.

Source: Kevin Winter/Getty Images North America

Also, take care to emphasize the lowlights in your hair for a rich and textured look. Flat blonde isn’t flattering or natural-looking for most women, so embrace those tonal variations.


Rachel McAdams in The Vow

Brunette hair is rich, alluring and always in fashion. Rachel McAdams hair is naturally soft brown, so rich, golden brown colors complement her skin tones. She often plays with variations of a brunette shade, adding auburn lowlights that catch the light and add a little mystery.

Brunettes can often have more fun with makeup than blondes or redheads because regardless of their skin tone, they get away with more color. Eye shadows in deep browns and violets typically work well for women with brunette hair. Don’t be afraid to own a rich lip color, either!


Rachel has pulled off several red styles as well, from rich auburn to lighter strawberry shades. Even if you’re a natural looking to try out some new red highlights, you can capitalize on Rachel’s hot red locks. For bright or light red hair colors, it works best if you have naturally fair skin. If you have creamy olive-colored skin, it’s best to go with a medium to dark auburn tone.