When you find a beauty product that works well, you tend to use it all the time and buy the same thing when you run out. But what happens when your favorite product is discontinued?

Sadly, many women have encountered similar situations over the years. But for those fans of Revlon lipsticks, there is good news! The company announced that in the spring of 2014, they are bringing back five of their previously discontinued shades.

Using a facebook poll, Revlon let its customers decide which lipsticks would make a comeback. In the end, Icy Violet, Snow Peach, Sandstorm, Fifth Avenue Red and Jungle Peach were selected to make a re-appearance on store shelves.

First introduced in 1946, Icy Violet is a light, shimmery shade of lavender.

Snow Peach was launched in 1956 and appears to be a mixture of peach and coral.

Sandstorm first debuted in 1999 and its neutral color explains why it was so popular.

Fifth Avenue Red first hit stores in 1958. Its deep, rich color is sure to be a hit with red lipstick so in style right now.

Jungle Peach was originally introduced in 1963. Its peachy tones are sure to compliment many complexions!

Which of these retro shades will you try? Do you have a favorite lipstick that you couldn’t live without? Or do you have a favorite discontinued lip color that you hope gets a second chance?