A fun, casual twist on a classic up do’, the sock bun is easy to achieve and completely on trend. Follow these tips to create your own variation.

A cousin to the elegant side bun, the sock bun is all about volume and height. The bigger and higher the better. You’ve seen these massive twists of tresses on celebs like Kim Kardashian and Lauren Conrad, and now you can have it too with a few bobby pins, a hair tie and – you guessed it – a sock.

Sock buns can be dressed up or down, so whether you need a quick up do’ for an evening party or an effortless way to style your hair for work or school, this is a great hair-styling trick to add to your collection of beauty secrets.

This style works great on medium to long hair, but with a little help from clip-in extensions, women with short hair can achieve this trendy look too. To create a sock bun, you’ll need a sock with a long ankle section. Ideally, this sock will be just about the same color as your hair, in case it tries to peek through your strands. You’ll also need some hair spray, a couple of hair ties, some bobby pins and a hairbrush.

Once you gather your tools, you’re ready to start! Grab a friend and settle in to check out these top tutorials and to experiment to create your own trendy sock bun!

Photo Source: Lia Toby/WENN.com

1. Classic Sock Bun Tutorial

This tutorial offers the most traditional way to create a sock bun. This method works best with longer (well past shoulder-length) hairstyles. If your hair is heavily layered, you’ll need more bobby pins to keep everything in place.

2. Braided Sock Bun

This style takes a bit more work and practice, but it might be one of the easiest ways to create a stylish braided up do’. The braided sock bun works well with thick, medium-length hair and looks great for a dressy occasion.

3. Sock Bun Curling Method

This sock bun offers a great, damage-free way to curl your hair. The concept is to put your damp hair into a sock bun before going to bed and sleep on it. When you wake up, you’ll have gorgeous, flowing Hollywood curls.